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Vanceboro is a town in Washington County, Maine, United States. The town was named after landowner William Vance. The town is located at the eastern terminus of Maine State Route 6. Vanceboro is across the St. Croix River from St. Croix, New Brunswick, Canada, to which it is connected by the Saint Croix – Vanceboro Bridge. The crossing has a 24-hour customs station managing the border. Vanceboro is also connected to St. Croix by the Saint Croix-Vanceboro Railway Bridge which is used by the New Brunswick Southern Railway.

According to the US census the town has a total area of 22.6 square miles, of which 20.4 square miles is land and 2.2 square miles, or 9.64%, is water.

As of the 2010 census, there were 140 people residing in the town, and according to the 2000 census there were 68 households, and 42 families residing in the town. The population density was 7.2 people per square mile. There were 159 housing units at an average density of 7.8 per square mile.